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    Our Story

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to empower the Southeast to embrace a hydrogen future through SHEA’s commitment to drive innovation, amplify education, enable change and adoption, to accelerate the critical process of decarbonization.

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    SHEA  (shey-uh)

    Southeast Hydrogen Energy Alliance

    SHEA stands at the forefront of the hydrogen movement in the Southeast region of the United States. This c6 trade organization drives commerce and innovation, increases education and enables change, propelling the region towards a more sustainable and prosperous era. This is our journey to illuminate the hydrogen horizon and pioneer a greener world.

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    Our Footprint

    Stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, SHEA’s influence extends across ten states, including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. This expansive territory not only boasts a varied topography, from the Appalachian Mountains to coastal plains, but also reflects the mosaic of industries and communities that SHEA aims to empower. With a focus on driving hydrogen innovation and adoption, SHEA’s presence in the Southeast positions it as a catalyst for sustainable energy solutions in this dynamic and vital part of the nation.

    About SHEA

    The Start
    • River


      The SC Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Alliance and The Fuel Cell Collaborative were formed.

      The “SC Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Alliance” was formed to promote already active hydrogen and fuel cell research and development efforts in the state of South Carolina. Additionally, a second organization formed “The Fuel Cell Collaborative” in the Columbia/Midlands part of the state. Both organizations were actively pursuing and aiding in the advancements of hydrogen within the state of South Carolina.

    • Forest


      The two organizations merged to become the South Carolina Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Alliance.

      The Alliance was a nonprofit collaborative partnership of government, business, academia and citizens. Each aspect of the Alliance collaborated to advance the commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies to enable regional and national energy security and to minimize the environmental footprint.

    • Southeast Hydrogen Energy Alliance


      Hydrogen interest from the rest of the region results in a rebrand to Southeast Hydrogen Energy Alliance.

      Increasing use and demand for hydrogen-based technologies in the region and beyond inspired a rebranding to the “Southeast Hydrogen Energy Alliance (SHEA).” SHEA committed to serving as a regional conduit for companies and organizations surrounding hydrogen energy opportunities, while also providing benefits and opportunities of hydrogen technologies through seminars and workshops. Although SHEA was not directly involved in any individual proposal submission for the 2023 Department of Energy funding, they were instrumental in educating numerous organizations within the region in an effort to inform the broader submission.

    • KIMBRO


      SHEA and Kimbro partner to elevate and promote the hydrogen economy and education in the Southeast.

      As sustainability goals grew for most companies and the need decarbonize hard to abate sectors became top of mind for leaders in the region. SHEA knew more was required to help drive the innovation and education in the Southeast region, however, accomplishing this task without established membership would be a sizable feat. In parallel, the Kimbro family, a longstanding Tennessee family owning multiple businesses within the energy sector had their sights set on the same goals within their home state. Through a chance encounter the two groups met and realized together they could accomplish immeasurably more than apart. As a result, a relaunch of SHEA was agreed upon to help promote the use and education of hydrogen in the Southeast region for generations to come.

    • Southeast Hydrogen Energy Alliance


      SHEA’s vision and purpose expand.

      Membership opportunities open and a refreshed SHEA launches with clear goals and expectations to build understanding and knowledge, facilitate innovation and collaboration, and initiate the adoption of the hydrogen movement.


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