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A Brighter, Greener Future For All

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A drop of innovation. A world of possibilities.

SHEA, the Southeast Hydrogen Energy Alliance, stands at the forefront of sustainable energy evolution. Through innovation, collaboration, and education, we empower stakeholders to shape a cleaner, brighter, and more prosperous future in the Southeast region of the United States. Join us in our mission to guide the world to a hydrogen-powered future.

Our Story

Our Pursuits


Drive Innovation & Collaboration

SHEA actively promotes innovation and collaboration, creating a dynamic platform where members can collectively explore and implement ground breaking solutions in the hydrogen sector.

Increase Education & Awareness

SHEA is dedicated to raising awareness and fostering education, providing valuable resources and initiatives to inform diverse audiences about the benefits and potential of hydrogen energy.

Enable Change & Adoption

SHEA strives to enable transformative change and widespread adoption of hydrogen technologies, working with local and state governments, businesses, and communities to integrate hydrogen solutions for a sustainable future.

  • Connect the Dots: Linking Hydrogen Education to Workforce Development Needs
    Greensboro, NC, USA
    Jul 16 - Jul 17  
    End Date: Jul 17
  • Southeast Energy Policy Forum
    Knoxville, TN, USA
    Aug 14 - Aug 15  
    End Date: Aug 15
  • Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference & Expo
    Durham, NC, USA
    Aug 14 - Aug 15  
    End Date: Aug 15
  • National Conservative Energy Summit XV
    Houston, TX, USA
    Aug 19 - Aug 21  
    End Date: Aug 21
  • Georgia Environmental Conference
    Jekyll Island, Georgia 31527, USA
    Aug 21 - Aug 23  
    End Date: Aug 23
  • Tennessee Sustainability Conference
    Gatlinburg, TN 37738, USA
    Aug 21 - Aug 23  
    End Date: Aug 23
  • RE+ Conference
    Anaheim, CA, USA
    Sep 09 - Sep 12  
    End Date: Sep 12
  • 2024 Renewable Energy Seminar
    ChampionsGate, Championsgate, Four Corners, FL 34747, USA
    Sep 25 - Sep 27  
    End Date: Sep 27
  • HydrogeNext Conference
    Orlando, FL, USA
    Oct 10 - Oct 11  
    End Date: Oct 11
  • Green Hydrogen Summit East Coast
    Philadelphia, PA, USA
    Nov 19 - Nov 20  
    End Date: Nov 20
  • Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Seminar
    Long Beach, CA, USA
    Jan 14 - Jan 16  
    End Date: Jan 16
  • World Hydrogen North America
    Houston, TX, USA
    Mar 31 - Apr 02  
    End Date: Apr 02
  • TN Smart Mobility Expo
    Nashville, TN, USA
    Apr 02 - Apr 03  
    End Date: Apr 03
  • ACT Expo 2025
    Anaheim, CA, USA
    Apr 28 - May 01  
    End Date: May 01
  • California Hydrogen Leadership Summit hosted by CHBC
    Sacramento, CA, USA
    Jun 03 - Jun 04  
    End Date: Jun 04

Upcoming Events

    What is Decarbonization?

    Decarbonization is a method of climate change mitigation that reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, as well as removes them from the atmosphere. The world’s decarbonization goal is to keep the global temperature from warming more than 1.5° C (2.7° F) above pre industrial levels. Most countries, including the United States have set goals to reach net zero GHG emissions by 2050. Hydrogen energy will play a key role in decarbonizing hard to abate sectors such as heavy duty transportation and steel manufacturing just to name a few.

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