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    SHEA Foundation

    Who We Are

    The SHEA Foundation works alongside the broader SHEA organization, as a visionary, c3 non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the widespread adoption of hydrogen technology for a sustainable and low-carbon future through research and education.

    Essential Priorities

    Mentorship Program

    Our mentorship program cultivates a supportive and enriching environment where experienced professionals guide and inspire emerging talents, fostering personal and professional growth. Participants forge meaningful connections, sharing knowledge and gaining insights, which enhances career development and collaborative opportunities.

    Work Force Development

    Our workforce development initiative partners with academic institutions, from universities to technical colleges, to equip individuals with critical skills for a dynamic job market. Through targeted training and professional development, we promote economic empowerment and sustainable career progression.

    Research Support

    The research support program propels innovation by offering vital resources, funding, and collaboration networks. It empowers researchers to expand knowledge frontiers and make significant contributions in their fields, accelerating discovery and driving impactful advancements.

    K-12 Education

    Our K-12 education initiative is dedicated to sparking enthusiasm for hydrogen energy, nurturing early interest to cultivate future industry leaders. By integrating essential hydrogen-focused education, we equip students with the skills and knowledge needed for success in this evolving field, paving the way for their impactful contributions post-high school.