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Principal Membership Invitation and Benefits


Elevate your company’s role in the hydrogen revolution with SHEA – the driving force behind the future of clean energy in the Southeast. As a leader in the industry, your Principal Membership not only aligns your brand with innovation but unlocks unparalleled opportunities:

1. Industry Leadership:

Position your company as an industry leader, influencing the trajectory of hydrogen energy in the Southeast. SHEA is the platform where leaders collaborate and drive transformative change.

2. Strategic Partnerships:

Forge strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations, academia, and government bodies. SHEA facilitates connections that open doors to new business opportunities and collaborations.

3. Exclusive Insights:

Stay ahead of the curve with access to exclusive insights and market trends. SHEA membership ensures your company is informed and prepared for the evolving landscape of hydrogen technology.

4. Legislative Influence:

Play a pivotal role in shaping the regulatory environment. SHEA advocates for policies that support the growth of hydrogen, amplifying your company’s influence at a legislative level.

5. Brand Visibility:

Showcase your commitment to sustainability. SHEA offers prominent visibility for your brand, solidifying your position as a key player in the region’s clean energy transition.

6. Educational Resources:

Empower your workforce with access to cutting-edge educational resources. SHEA provides the tools needed to keep your team at the forefront of hydrogen advancements.

7. Community Impact:

Demonstrate corporate responsibility. Your membership directly contributes to advancing hydrogen energy, fostering economic growth, and creating a sustainable, decarbonized future for the Southeast.

Don’t just be part of the hydrogen movement; lead it. Secure your position as a SHEA Principal Member and propel your company into a future powered by innovation and sustainability.



All that of a standard membership, plus:

1. VIP Networking Events:

As a Principal member, enjoy exclusive access to high-profile networking events. Connect with industry titans, thought leaders, and key decision-makers in an intimate setting. These events provide unparalleled opportunities for strategic collaborations, joint ventures, and impactful connections that extend beyond the regular membership benefits.

2. Customized Thought Leadership Opportunities:

Position your company as a thought leader with bespoke opportunities tailored to your expertise. Principal members can lead webinars, panel discussions, or contribute featured articles in SHEA publications, showcasing your company’s knowledge and innovation. This exclusive platform ensures your voice resonates prominently within the SHEA community and beyond, establishing your brand as an influential leader in the hydrogen sector.

3. Innovation Showcase Sponsorship:

As a Principal member, your company will be highlighted as a premier sponsor, providing a platform to present cutting-edge technologies, projects, and innovations. This exclusive sponsorship not only elevates your brand but also positions your company as a trailblazer in the hydrogen sector

4. Customized Training Workshops:

Benefit from customized training workshops tailored to your company’s needs. Principal Members can request specialized training sessions for their teams, covering specific aspects of hydrogen technology, industry trends, or regulatory developments.

5. Exclusive Research Reports:

Receive exclusive research reports and market intelligence. Principal Members gain early access to SHEA’s proprietary research, providing in-depth analyses, market trends, and valuable insights to inform strategic decision-making within the hydrogen sector.

6. Representative and vote on Nominating Committee for the governing board