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Co-Op Membership Invitation and Benefits


Join SHEA as a Co-Op Member and enjoy a 20% discount on your annual membership. This unique membership option is tailored for companies providing valuable services to our community. By becoming a Co-Op Member, you not only showcase your expertise but also enhance your company’s visibility and impact within the hydrogen sector.

1. Cost-Effective Engagement:

Enjoy a reduced membership rate while actively engaging with potential clients. This unique model ensures that your annual investment not only brings visibility but also aligns with your business goals.

2. Showcase Your Services:

As a Co-Op Member, you have the opportunity to spotlight your company’s offerings to a targeted audience. Showcase your strengths and make meaningful connections within the SHEA network.

3. Mutually Beneficial Partnerships:

Establish partnerships with SHEA members by providing exclusive services. Your company’s unique offerings bring added value to our community, fostering collaboration and mutual benefits.

4. Enhanced Visibility:

Enjoy increased visibility within the hydrogen sector by aligning your brand with SHEA’s mission. Co-Op Membership positions your company as a key contributor to the sustainable future of energy in the Southeast.

5. Customizable Collaboration:

Tailor your engagement with SHEA based on your company’s strengths. Whether it’s consultations, webinars, or specialized services, Co-Op Membership allows for flexible collaboration.

Make a strategic investment in your company’s growth and impact. Join the Co-Op Membership at SHEA and embark on a journey where collaboration sparks innovation, and your services become an integral part of our dynamic community.



All that of a standard membership, plus:

1. Cost-Efficient Membership

Co-Op Members enjoy a 20% discount on their annual membership fees, making it a cost-efficient option for companies providing valuable services to SHEA members.

2. Access to Collaborative Initiatives

Participate in collaborative initiatives, projects, or working groups where Co-Op Members can actively contribute their expertise and insights to advance the goals of SHEA.

3. Contributing to Sustainability

Position the Co-Op Member’s company as a significant contributor to the Southeast’s journey towards decarbonization, actively supporting the advancement of clean energy initiatives.

4. Cross Promotion

Benefit from cross-promotion opportunities within SHEA’s communication channels, publications, and events, enhancing the visibility of the Co-Op Member’s brand.

5. Strategic Alignment

Co-Op Members can align their company with SHEA’s mission and initiatives, actively participating in the growth and development of the hydrogen sector in the Southeast.

6. Exclusive Updates

Receive exclusive updates on SHEA initiatives, industry news, and opportunities, ensuring that Co-Op Members stay informed about the latest developments in the hydrogen sector.