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Board to Board Membership Invitation and Benefits


In recognition of the power of collaboration, SHEA proudly presents the Board to Board Membership, fostering strategic alliances without financial barriers. Creating cooperation agreements, this membership level invites like-minded organizations to unite in our shared vision for a hydrogen-powered future.

1. Mutual Benefits:

Board to Board Memberships are established through cooperation agreements, ensuring that members of both organizations enjoy reciprocal benefits. For instance, a joint 10% discount on memberships when belonging to both SHEA and another organization.

2. Knowledge Exchange:

SHEA and partnering organizations commit to biannual knowledge-sharing sessions. These collaborative meetings enrich the expertise of both groups, promoting a deeper understanding of the industries we represent.

3. Collaborative Publications:

Joining forces, SHEA and partnering organizations collaborate on an annual joint newsletter. This publication serves as a platform to share insights, industry updates, and collaborative initiatives, amplifying the impact of our collective mission.

4. Strategic Networking:

Board to Board Memberships transcend traditional barriers, fostering an environment where members can seamlessly engage with both organizations, expanding their network and leveraging opportunities in the hydrogen sector.

By embracing the Board to Board Membership, SHEA charts a course for inclusive collaboration, ensuring that organizations can seamlessly partner without formal memberships. Together, we propel the hydrogen movement forward, leaving no room for barriers in our shared pursuit of sustainable energy solutions.



All that of a standard membership, plus:

1. Reciprocal Membership Discounts

Members belonging to both SHEA and the partnering organization receive a discount on their respective memberships, fostering mutual support and participation.

2. Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Board to Board Members gain access to exclusive networking events where representatives from both organizations can connect, share insights, and explore collaborative initiatives.

3. Joint Educational Programs

Participating organizations collaborate on developing educational programs, workshops, or webinars that leverage the combined expertise of both SHEA and the partnering group.

4. Cross-Promotion

Board to Board Members benefit from cross-promotion opportunities, gaining visibility in each other’s communication channels, publications, and events.

5. Knowledge-Sharing Sessions

Regular knowledge-sharing sessions are held between SHEA and the partnering organization, providing a platform for information exchange, industry updates, and strategic discussions.

6. Collaborative Research and Publications

Members have the opportunity to contribute to joint research projects or publications that align with the goals and interests of both SHEA and the partnering organization.

7.Priority Access to Events

 Board to Board Members receive priority access to events organized by both organizations, ensuring they have the first opportunity to participate in conferences, workshops, and other industry gatherings.

8. Coordinated Advocacy Efforts

Collaborate on advocacy initiatives and amplify the collective voice of both organizations on shared policy interests, ensuring a stronger impact in the legislative and regulatory landscape.

9. Partnership Recognition

Members are recognized as Board to Board Members in official communications, highlighting their commitment to collaborative efforts in advancing the goals of both SHEA and the partnering organization.

10. Shared Resources

Access to shared resources, databases, or industry reports that enhance the knowledge base and capabilities of members from both organizations.